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Real People. Real Life. Real Stories. 

Refreshing to see a realistic portrayal of entrepreneurship and the struggle that comes with it. Definitely can relate to this movie! Felipe Z.

Excellent idea, so glad I was able to be here. Entrepreneurs need each other to offer guidance or just to listen. Sandra H.

I loved the concept and the truthful essence of this movie. #TheStruggle is definitely real. Stephanie F.

I wish I was exposed to entrepreneurial career paths while I was studying for my degree programs. This movie would have opened up my eyes to other possibilities, and let me to ask more questions. Jennifer V. 

The Struggle is Real gives some 
insightful perspectives into the difficulties facing entrepreneurs and balances personal experience with key lessons necessary to be successful. Richard B.

All in all, it was a great depiction of the entrepreneurial journey. The struggle is real and I believe it can help other entrepreneurs overcome the mental obstacles most face. Ozeal D.

I was very impressed by the entire screening presentation. Kathy gave a great heartfelt introductory speech on why this movie was brought to life -- to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, avoid pitfalls and overall help create more jobs for the country.
The film was very raw and real. I loved that it had real people, not actors giving great advice about the entrepreneurial world. Michael B.

Loved the last line contrasting net worth and net impact. Great philosophy! Joe H.

I was very pleased with the organic creativity and the message. It depicts the day-in-the-life of an entrepreneur and how her expedition-like encounters are just part of her undertaking to continue her process of becoming the best version of herself.

Long story short, she ends up inspiring people she meets at Hotel Aloft while preparing to give a speech.  Her conversations and the advice she offers during these conversations is relatable because… Well, she’s been down that road of struggle where all entrepreneurs encounter their messy process of discovery and experiences. Sharon Z.

The movie came out great! I really liked the scene settings and how the Aloft brand was displayed.  I can see a series of movies in your future about entrepreneurship. Raul, Director


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